Showing an interest in photography as youngster, Jaron was always the one in his family carrying a camera. He even went so far as to set up a darkroom in his home closet. He started working with cinematographer Tom Richmond while in high school, and instantly became hooked on the art of film. He assisted Tom for six years, working on various commercials, music videos, and feature films. Rising through the ranks of the camera department, Jaron found the combination of the artistic craft and working in collaboration with a film crew to achieve one vision, addictive. 

Jaron graduated from USC’s School of Cinema-Television, and immediately dove into the indie world, shooting award-winning features on the festival circuit. He soon found a balance between feature films, music videos for the likes of Prince and Carrie Underwood, and national campaigns for name brands. In 2017 Jaron was named one of Variety's Top 10 Cinematographers to Watch based on his work in indie movies like Eric Heisserer’s Hurricane Katrina drama Hours, studio films like the upcoming Dwayne Johnson tentpole Rampage, and his 2nd unit cinematography and technical collaborations on Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.  Every step of the way, Jaron demonstrated an ability to lead and collaborate to achieve a vision. 

Building off of those experiences, Jaron now finds himself in the Director’s chair.  Jaron strives to make connections between the artist and the story, between technical and artistic merits, and between the viewer and the filmmaker.  Jaron implements these concepts in every job he shoots; from Star Wars to the tender Pasadena Humane Society campaign featuring one puppy.  He believes sharing a common experience and creating a connection between the viewers and a story is the ultimate goal of moving images.


Director of Photography